Banksy Exhibition at Moco – Amsterdam

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Whilst in Amsterdam, I was fortunate enough to stumble upon a Bansky exhibition. It was set in a really interesting gallery that was actually an old townhouse, which had two storeys and a basement. Each room was dedicated to an idea or theme in Bansky’s work, such as CCTV. I have grown up seeing books full of Bansky’s work, and photographs of their work all over the internet, I remember not understanding some of the more complex and adult themes, but I still loved the pieces. Now that I actually understand the connotations with some of the images that they depict, I love the work even more.

I think that the idea that no one truly knows who Bansky is is intriguing and it adds a layer of mystery to them as everyone is desperate to know the true identity of Bansky. I do think that it is interesting how many people assume that Bansky is male. I do not know why people generally refer to Bansky as a “him” because there is no proof that they aren’t a “she”. Bansky created the┬ádocumentary “Exit through the gift shop” about street art, and in this documentary Banksy appears as an anonymous figure whose voice is disguised, but who is unmistakably a man. It has been implied that this could be misdirection, but realistically, who knows?

After seeing so much of the work online, and on book pages, it was amazing to see it in person. I was surprised to find that a lot of the work was on canvases rather than all street art, as I had previously thought that all of Bansky’s work was done in the street on walls, or on traffic cones. Many of the canvases were also much smaller than I thought they would be, which actually worked really nicely.

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