Amsterdam Study Trip

By 9th November 2017Thoughts

We went on an Art and Design study trip to Amsterdam. I loved Amsterdam, not only the diverse collection of art, famous galleries and small private galleries that I found tucked away in side streets, but all of the shameless touristy things that we did- such as climbing on top of the infamous Amsterdam sign (which is so much harder than it looks) and walking along the canals. I had some amazing food, discovered and fell in love with the national sweet treat- the stroop waffle. I also gained the very valuable skill of recognising the sound of a bike bell and jumping out of the cycle lane just in time to avoid being hit by an endless stream of angry cyclists, something I was not aware of until a very near miss as soon as I stepped off the coach.

All of the different galleries have introduced me to new and exciting artists that I haven’t seen before, and have also shown me new ways of working such as with fabrics, digitally, and three-dimensionally. By seeing the diverse range of media used within all of these galleries, I think it has given me the confidence to be a bit more experimental¬† and step out of my comfort zone when it comes to materials.

I have never really been exposed to much work from Dutch artists, but I found several painters and sculptors that I will most definitely be looking into more closely in the future. I have really enjoyed building up a list of practitioners that I can look into when in need of some fresh ideas or new inspiration.

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