Hello, my name is Amelia.

I love experimenting with colour and texture and I am consistently exploring new styles and ideas. 

4th May 2018

The Role that Social Media plays in Public and Private lives

Stack of fifteen handmade screen printed t-shirts by Amelia Oulton

15th March 2018

Screen Printed T-shirts

An acrylic painting of a young woman getting dressed by Amelia Oulton

5th February 2018

Private Public

life drawing of a male model by Amelia Oulton

17th January 2018

Life Drawing Male Model: Krystian

acrylic painting - for the project Identity, Narrative, Place by Amelia Oulton

2nd December 2017

Identity, Narrative, Place

Anatomy A1 acrylic painting on paper by Amelia Oulton

23rd November 2017


Life drawing female model soluble pen drawing by Amelia Oulton

1st November 2017

Life Drawing Female Model: Lisa

Drawing methods workshop - deer skull ink drawing by Amelia Oulton

11th October 2017

Drawing Methods Workshop

Mixed Media cardboard and magazine collages by Amelia Oulton

10th October 2017

Mixed Media Collage- Cardboard

Square poster - Graphic Design pathway rotation

12th September 2017

Circle, Square, Triangle

Wunderkammer by Amelia Oulton

10th September 2017


Taboo smoking 2mx1m acrylic painting by Amelia Oulton

23rd June 2017